Who Is Victoria Villarroel, Kylie Jenner's former assistant, age, bio, boyfriend, sister, swim brand, Instagram, and estimated net worth in 2022?

The rapper also declared that he does not want his children to attend his ex-LA wife's private school & criticised her for having total control over Chicago, and Psalm's education.

She is who? And why did he bring her up during his rant? You can get all the details you need right here.

Kanye's selfie shows Victoria Villaroel.

On September 1st, Kanye shared a number of things, one of which was a screenshot of Victoria Villarroel's Instagram Story.

Don't let Kris force you to play Playboy like she forced Kylie and Kim to, he pleaded to his four children in the post.

He said, "Hollywood is a gigantic brothel. My family was devastated by pornography. I have control over the addiction that Instagram encourages, he continued.

The rapper's two girls, Northy and Chicago, "will not let it happen," he declared in his closing remarks.

VICTORIA VILLARROEL: WHO IS SHE? Victoria is a close friend of Kylie Jenner and a former assistant..

Kylie Jenner

The 30-year-old moved to Los Angeles to further her studies. She was born in Venezuela and reared with her family in Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, and Texas.